Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missing the bus!

A siren blows at the traffic signal and people scamper from one end of the road to the other- they have to make it before the siren ends and the endless stream of detained motored monsters resume their journey. As you wait peering out of the window seat of the bus, you observe the scenes that are straight out of Bangalore traffic- the motor-bikes snaking through the endless stream of vehicles, just managing to brush a few cars; the car drivers contemplating their next move to fill in the gap on the road ahead, to gain a few yards; and the colourful posters of movies(some expressively b-grade ones too- for the lusty few!).
With the signal turning green the wind blows against your face as you squint and watch the world you pass by. You just turn your attention inside the bus- a large man catching up on a snooze; a sheepish guy looking outside the window, conspiring for the right opportunity to land his sputum on the road - his only aim is to avoid the numerous heads that ride by; a group of boisterous school-goers chattering; a lone traveller playing his cell-phone music loud enough for the entire bus to vibrate (I am sure he assumes that his musical offerings are enjoyed by all on the bus!). Good intent, nevertheless!
If it is 30 kilometers you travel oneway to reach office - there is a enough for you to smile, squirm and ogle about!
As I approach the last few days of this daily journey, I ponder the duality of my mind.
On the one hand I want to reduce my travel-time to work, but on the other there are things I would miss, if I did! Of them all, I would surely miss the bus- (pardon the misplaced pun)! And trust me, though I am one of the lusty few ogling at the posters, I wouldnt miss them as much.

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