Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The lullaby, the frown and the silence

I am sure God was not in his elements when he was working on my vocal talents. It is a well-known fact that singing is not the most enjoyable of experiences that I can provide my audience, if I manage to gather any. I had, believe me, managed a prize or two during my school-days, but that was largely due to my mother's vigilant selection of songs that were simple enough for me to stay in the chord that I started with and end the song with tolerable damage to the original. But, then the fact is that my singing talent is at best, a croak and at worst, a bray. And so, I harmonised my tunelessness in tune with my life and moved on.
I eventually got married- I didnt have to sing to impress my wife-to-be, you know. And then the children. I had almost forgotten how shocking my singing can be until recently and instinctively, I tried a lullaby on my 1 year old daughter.
It was one of those nights around 10PM and both my wife and I having had a long day, were preparing to retire- but for the tantrums thrown by our daughter. In one moment of indiscretion I decided to take over the responsibility of "putting her to sleep". I tried a few tried-and-tested tricks in the bag- carrying her and resting her head on my shoulders, putting her on the lap and rocking her on the lap- but her screams and cries continued. That's when my instinct took over. I started singing what I thought was a lullaby. And then miraculously, there was a sudden silence. My daughter stopped crying and started staring at me, intently and there was a frown on her innocent face which- if I'm not mistaken, was a mixture of anger, shock, stunned amazement and later moved into deep sympathy. She said it all in that fleeting 3-4 seconds.
It could be any or all of the below thoughts: An angry "Ok..Ok.. If you care to make up that truck-load of crap, I will sleep. Now stop singing for Gossake". OR a regretful "I should have listened to mommy and gone to sleep." OR a panicky "Help..help..my dad is a freak" OR an ingenious "The only way I can keep him quiet is to go to sleep. Let me just close my eyes.."
And in the next 2 minutes she was fast asleep.
But before that lull after my storm, there was a strong statement without utterance of a single word.


  1. Brilliant write dude!
    And we gonna stay in tuch for sure, btw liked ur good bye mail as well, well written that one too! :D

  2. :-) I suggest you try the flute with her once...am sure the reaction will be different.