Saturday, September 29, 2012

Because, you are my daddy!

Ok,I have to post this before it gets lost in the multitudes of sweet memories that get forgotten in life!
One of my previous blogs has my daughter as a few month old child trying to get to sleep despite my lullaby.
Fast Forward to present time: she is 3 and a half years old and negotiating on the little things that are big on the little one.
The latest one beat me all ends up on the negotiation table - the bed, rather.
A background to this anecdote is that Aahana gets dropped to her play-home by her care-taker on a scooter and she prefers the bike which I use!
One night I was lying down and just dozing off into a dream of excel sheets, she jumps on to my stomach, breaking all the formulae into #REF! and other ghastly error messages the excel sheet throws.
And the negotiation began. The entire conversation was with her sitting on my distending tummy. An angrezi version of it is here.
Aahana: Daddy, Daddy[she bends down to my ears and whispers..]tomorrow will you drop me to school on the bike?
Me: I have to leave for office early[by 7:45] and your school starts late[by 9:30]
..She still doesn't get the "time" on the clock except the concept of Late and Early....
Aahana: Tomorrow you drop me to school and then go to office...
Me: Anna[the caretaker] will drop you..Or I'll get Thatha(her fav grandpa) to drop you.
Aahana: No, tomorrow, You drop me on your bike to school.....Last, OK? 5 millees [her way of saying "Please, only once? 5 minutes only".]
Me:[Melting on the bed, Still tried my last straw] Why should I drop you?
Aahana: Because, you are my Daddy!

End of negotiation. Next day, I called office that I will be running late, dropped Aahana to school and then proceeded to office. I couldn't ask for a better reason!

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